Certified Computer Forensics Experts

Computer forensics is the process of acquiring, analyzing and documenting digital evidence. Each phase is unique and requires specific training (tools) and expertise. San Diego Computer Forensics LLC (SDCF) provides you with the best of what you need.

San Diego Computer Forensics LLC, was started in 2007 by Jim Sevel, a recently retired supervisor of a Cyber Investigations and Computer Forensics Unit for the federal government. This was a natural progression for Jim who had been conducting computer forensic examinations for the last 15 years. SDFC is a growing company with a particular emphasis on civil law cases.

All of our examiners are considered experts and seniors in the field of computer forensics. Each examiner maintained a secret clearance (or above) for employment with the U.S. government and each examiner has courtroom experience, including testimony as an expert witness for computer forensic issues.

We will handle your case and your information in a professional and confidential manner.